Phrases of the HEART


It's probably fair to say that humans will never be able to fully express the emotion of love through our words... but that doesn't keep us from trying! In America, romantic love has its own holiday on February 14th : Valentine's Day.

As we approach that day, you'll see the heart as a symbol of love everywhere you go. We also use the heart as a symbol in our language, to try to communicate the closeness of our love. Today's video takes you through many of the “heart” phrases we use in conversation and in music.

Don't “break my heart”... check it out!



The English language is also full of “heart” idioms that don't necessarily deal with love. Instead, the heart represents the situation being very important or close to us.

Here are some “heart” phrases you might encounter that have more negative meanings:

And here are some that have a more positive message:

I hope you know I have your “best interest at heart”... that means I want you to succeed! If you're struggling with American phrases and sounds, consider taking my free accent screening, and receive a pronunciation guide too, at


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