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Your Data Tells a Story

Share the soul of your science, not just the data you have uncovered. Your research tells a story about you, your work, and the changes your work can make in the world. Let's uncover that story together.

Meet Sarah P, a clinician researcher with an impressive research background and a deep desire to communicate the value of her ongoing work to the partners who support her and the patients who are counting on her. 


Sarah has dedicated her life to finding a cure for a currently incurable disease. Every day takes her one step closer to the answers she is seeking and to the day when at last she can say to her patients, "We have a cure."  Her professional life involves not only patient care and management of drug trials, but weekly presentations to a variety of audiences. She needs  to share her latest findings with peers, patients, and funding supporters without using a one- size -fits- all approach. She has mastered the art of sharing her story in a way that connects with each distinct audience. 


 When we first starting working together, her presentations were  focused on the facts. She learned  how to engage different audiences by telling the story behind the facts that mattered most to them.  We work together to find the perfect words to convey her message with impact. She used to dread giving presentations, but now she gets excited, and her audiences love her.

Start sharing your science story

You don't have to be creative or have a background in English literature to tell the story of your research in your presentations. Knowing the right questions to ask will allow you to share your science successfully with any audience.


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