Share your ideas and opinions without hesitation. Speak fluently and be understood clearly.

It's not wishful thinking. It just requires taking the first step. Let's talk!

Doing something new means stretching outside of our comfort zone. I did some stretching (and LOTS of walking!) recently when I decided to pack my bags and live in Prague for a month.  I knew it was time to challenge myself to grow in some new ways, and it was an amazing experience!

Now I'm inviting you to experience the excitement of growing in your mastery of American English.

Maybe you're feeling pretty confident, but if you will just step outside your comfort zone, it will take you to another whole level.

You can stop:

  •  worrying about being misunderstood when you speak up in a meeting
  •  avoiding conversations because you're not sure what to say

You can start: 

  • confidently sharing your ideas
  • leading more team discussions
  • presenting your research more clearly
  • expressing yourself more fully in English

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