Develop a Voice of Impact

I offer a unique holistic approach to help my clients communicate their expertise with clarity and conviction. As a speech pathologist and vocal strategist, I have been trained to look for the root causes of any communication struggles and to address the concerns or the goals from the inside out rather than just give a quick fix of an outward issue. Whether working with clients in a corporate setting or individually, I will work with you so that you love the sound of your voice and you are excited to give presentations because you know how impactful they will be. 

My clients learn how to : 

  • Own the room or the stage with authentic presence

  • Overcome a monotone voice

  • Speak with a more friendly and engaging voice

  • Speak with more authority

  • Clarify pronunciation and accent

  • Develop empathy in┬átheir messaging and word choices

  • Understand nuances and figurative language

  • Tell stories to explain scientific concepts

  • Adapt presentation skills and messages for different audiences


The end result is that you have a voice of Impact, sharing your unique message in a way that moves your big ideas forward.


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